Full Scale Unitised Curtain Wall System Virtual Mock-Up - Video Presentation

Architectural Unitized Curtain Walling System

A building’s envelop forms the exterior of a building and as such, it defines the architectural design or aesthetic aspects of a building. Building façades also play a critical role from an engineering perspective in ensuring a building’s functionality and structural performance. A well-designed building façade takes into consideration of Environmental loading, Fire resistance and Energy efficiency.

Based on the conceptual designs of a project provided to us by our customers, we are able to advise on the suitability of material and fabrication methodology in producing the desired finishing and aesthetic effect for building façade products. We have the capability to fabricate building façade products using any form of materials (such as aluminium, steel and glass) and for both simple and sophistically designed buildings.

We also offer design and build of other high performance aluminium composite panel systems, such as Architectural Aluminium Cladding System, Architectural Glazed Sun Screens/Sunshade, Architectural Aluminium Framed Glazed Skylight and Architectural Aluminium Glazed Door and Windows, among others.