Corporate Profile

Our name “CASAKA” means “glass” in Sanskrit. Archi Casaka Design Sdn Bhd (ACD) is a Malaysian-owned business. ACD has a history in providing innovative, cost effective solutions in BUILDING ENVELOPE products; We specialise in Unitized Curtain Wall Systems (UCWS) and will continue to innovate to retain our market leadership, grow our client base and increase our showcase of prestigious buildings. We strive to offer effective, innovative, UCWS concepts that align with, and regularly exceed, our clients’ needs and expectations.

In essence, our profound commitment to deliver cost-effective and quality product is the key to provide sustainable solutions and greatly enhanced clients’ values.

ACD‘s key management and technical team have vast experienced working with international branded aluminium and glass products manufactures. Hence ACD‘s “features products” developed to meet local market needs, fabricate to consistent standards, and delivers a level of quality trusted.

The “feature products” in particularly Unitized Curtain Wall that enhance the built structure, and value thereof, with quality products fabricated to international standards. The local element comes by way of ACD’s vastly-experienced team of designers, fabricators and installer.

Together with full fleet of advanced machinery, it has underpinned and anchored ACD’s reputation for cost-effectiveness, highly-economical project processing in planning, construction, fabrication and precision installation.

Competitive edge through “STRATEGIC VALUE INNOVATION” and is the primary ways to offer to our valued Clients with sustainable solutions.


Our corporate vision is to become a leading green building envelop specialist.


Our mission is to strive towards excellence of values and solutions provider to realise our clients / customers’ visions.

Purpose & Strategy

ACD was established in 2011, and specialize in providing full scopes of Green Building Envelop Systems. Since inception, we have been, still are, and will continue to be the leading specialist in realising our stakeholders’ commercial objectives in BRINGING PROJECT VISIONS TO LIFE. We are committed to lead with innovation, quality, value and solution enhancements. Our key success factor – exceeding customers’ expectations.

Value Proposition

Innovation In Building Facades. Quality, Prestige, Reliability, Innovation in Design, Functionality and Achieving Customers’ Commercial Objectives.

Our Competitive Strengths

The key success factors that define our past successes, market visibility and future prospects:

  1. We have the technical expertise to undertake the fabrication and installation of building façade products in-house and are thus able to maintain consistency in quality of our products.
  2. We are well-equipped with a fleet of automated machinery and equipment which enhances our production capabilities and efficiency.
  3. We have experienced and committed management team.
  4. We have the capability to serve customers across construction sectors


We craft attractive, functional facades from glass, aluminium, steel and composite panel.

We create facades that bring building with impact protection, energy efficiency and visual appeal – putting life into the architectural vision.

We innovate, solve problems and add value.


Combined with current and past prestigious projects.

Working closely with industry innovators including Building Owners, Architects, Façade Consultants, and Contractors.

Leading building envelop specialist in unitized façade system.


Owned UCWS and STEEL production covered areas of 11,016m² and 30.000m² respectively.

Excellent quality fabrication capability.

Full fleet of advanced manufacturing machines, equipment and technology.

Professional project teams.

ACD is registered with the Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) as a Class G7 contractor, thereby enabling us to participate tender for private and government projects of any size. ACD is also a certified ISO 9001:2015 company.